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Vardon Kennett Esplendor Bottle

Esplendor is the first wine from Vardon Kennett. It is made using the Champagne method, in other words, it is subjected to a second fermentation in the bottle. This limited-edition sparkling wine boasts fine bubbles and is fresh and elegant without relinquishing the complexity of its long ageing process, a minimum of 36 months in the bottle.


This wine’s essence comes from high-altitude vineyards located predominantly in Penedès. Most are located in Santa Maria de Miralles in the subzone of d’Alts d’Ancosa at 550 metres above sea level. The altitude of the vineyards gives the grapes greater acidity and freshness – both essential factors needed to counteract the effects of climate change.


Vardon Kennett Rosé de Mar

Cuvée Rosé de Mar is a rosé produced in very small quantities. A vintage sparkling wine that’s aged for a long time, it’s extremely elegant but fresh thanks to the altitude of its vineyards and the careful selection of grapes.


Made entirely from Pinot Noir grown in our own high-altitude vineyards. With subtle but lively bubbles, Cuvée Rosé de Mar 2017 is made using the traditional method at a winery located in an old farmhouse in Santa Margarida d'Agulladolç in the Alt Penedès, inhabited by Daniel Vardon Kennett in the early days of the 19th century.